How the KCSC System Works


Initial Evaluation:

Each athlete who walks through the door at KCSC will begin with an initial screening and evaluation. During the initial appointment, our staff will take a very close look at previous injury history, training background, sport of choice, individual goals, and more. Once we have had an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the athlete’s background in relation to their health history paperwork, it’s time to start the screening.


Since the athlete’s health history and training history directly impacts the assessment protocol, it is hard to say exactly what can be expected during the screening process. What we can say is that we will focus on identifying faulty movement patterns, address flexibility & mobility limitations, and screen for general athleticism. By the time we conclude with our initial assessment, our staff will have all of necessary information to design a 100% individualized strength and conditioning program. This first day typically takes 30 minutes.



We welcome you to sit in on your child’s initial assessment. However, when your son/ daughter returns for his/her second day with us, we ask that you either drop your child off, or wait for the training session to conclude in our lobby.


Supervised Training Sessions:

When you return for your second day with us, you will be handed your first month of training materials. The content will include a flow-style warm up, individualized warm-ups, specific movement training, corrective exercise, medicine ball training, speed and agility training, and a strength training/cool down regimen. Our clients have an option to have a program designed to be completed entirely under the supervision of our staff, or partially here and partially at a gym closer to home. While the first week or so with us will be extremely coaching intensive, with lots of 1-1 time with a coach, you will soon become familiar with the training materials and environment as you function within a 4-5:1 client-to-coach ratio – this is a vital aspect of the culture here at KCSC.



There is a cost associated with the initial assessment, and monthly training costs moving forward that are solely dictated by anticipated weekly training frequency. We do offer discounted rates for family members.Assessment/ Training Inquiries please contact Matt or John. 


Referral Bonus Opportunities:

We do offer referral bonus opportunities. Contact John or Matt for more details.

Contact Info:

Please contact us with any further questions!

KCSC Email: kcstrengthandconditioning@gmail.com

Matt Hinkley: 816.809.2554 – matt.kcsc@gmail.com

John Renzi: 913.638.8960

Anthony Brown, Butler CC Football

Anthony Brown, Butler CC Football