Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be training me?
We implement a semi-private model/ group supervision format here at KCSC. As a result, each athlete will have the chance to interact with both John Renzi & Matt Hinkley during each training session. Our mission is to give each client that walks through the door the same amount of attention.

Can I have my program designed to be completed at another location?

Yes. As long as John/ Matt are aware of what equipment is available.

How long is a typical training session?
Typically, new clients take anywhere from 60-80 minutes to complete a session, whereas, seasoned clients tend to finish within a 45-70 minute window.

Do I need to schedule my training sessions in advance?
Yes. We ask that all clients schedule their training sessions in advance. We promise to offer a maximum of a 5:1 client to coach ratio at all times. We follow a sign-up sheet that allows each client to sign up a week in advance.

How can I get weather and holiday-related schedule updates?
Social media is your best resource for holiday hours/ weather updates (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Additional Questions?