"Being able to have the opportunity to train at KCSC has been one of the most vital things in my development as an athlete. It's rare to have the atmosphere Matt and John create everyday so I can get better. It is something I don't take for granted, and I definitely am better because of training at KCSC."
- Joey Wentz, 2016 1st Round Pick - Atlanta Braves, LHP

"Throughout my time working out with KCSC, I have grown not only as a weight trainer, baseball player and but most importantly as a person. The culture you enter when working out at KCSC is like no other. We get after it day in and day out! Pushing one another to exceed limitations, while also sharing great friendships in and out of the weight room. What KCSC does so well to put themselves above every other training facility is the knowledge both Matt and John bring to the table. They love their jobs and love seeing everyone succeed. The workout routines are individualized to each person following an assessment. It's no cookie cutter program, everyone is different therefore each workout is broken down to their needs. I could never see myself working out at any other facility than KCSC. "
Lucas Krull, University of Arkansas Baseball 2016-2017, Jefferson College 2017-2018
"I started working out with Kansas City Strength and Conditioning in January of 2016 after undergoing Tommy John Surgery. As a 16 year old kid at the time, I didn't know what I needed to do to get back to where I was at prior to surgery. From the moment I stepped foot in the facility, I was assured that I was going to be led in the right direction and be helped every step of the way during recovery.
Matt and John are two of the most knowledgeable minds in Kansas City when it comes to strength and conditioning. They take their time looking at the athlete's assessment and then they create individualized programs; this is what truly sets them apart from other companies in the area. No matter what skill level an athlete has, they give them the same amount of attention as everyone else in the gym.
Matt Hinkley and John Renzi are not only great strength and conditioning coaches, but they are great people as well. They care about forming relationships with their clients that will last for much longer than one's athletic career. Without Matt and John's guidance and coaching, my baseball career would not be where it is today."
-Daniel Harper, University of Kentucky Baseball

Grant Gavin

Kansas City Royals, RHP

  • NCAA D2 1st team all Central region Pitcher
  • MIAA 1st team All conference Relief Pitcher
  • 2016 Arizona League All Star
  • 2016 Arizona League Royals Pitcher of the Year
  • 2017 South Atlantic League All Star
"Working out with Matt and John at KCSC this offseason has helped improve my movement quality and get my body strong enough to handle a full season of professional baseball. I have been able to sustain my velocity which is vital to being a consistent pitcher. With their help I have been able to go out and pitch every few days to the best of my ability."
- Grant Gavin, Kansas City Royals

"I have trusted Matt Hinkley and John Renzi with my Strength & Conditioning programming for some time now, and I couldn't think of a better team of guys to trust when it comes my athletic future. Both Matt and John bring so much to the table when it comes to insight on weight training, nutrition, and how to individualize to each client’s needs. They are fun guys to be around but also know when it's time to work. KCSC is the best in the business."

-Cole Duensing, 2016 6th Round Draft Pick - Los Angeles Angels

"The difference between KCSC and other facilities starts with the instruction, but goes so much further. While it's the best training I've ever had, Matt and John, also create an incredibly positive environment. Even on my days off I would find myself going in to hang out for an hour. They've helped me better myself on the field and are always available to answer questions I might have when I'm out of town. They don't care who you are or how good you are the only thing they want to see is that you're willing to learn and want to get better; that makes KCSC a special place."
-Miller Hogan, Saint Louis University RHP, 32nd Round Draft Pick - Milwaukee Brewers

"I spent my first off season as a professional with Matt and John. We assessed and implemented a great training and recovery program that has led to me feeling and performing better than ever. I have been able to carry a lot of the work we did daily into the season keeping me healthy and at the peak of performance throughout the year."


Robert Calvano, RHP - St. Louis Cardinals Organization