Strength Training 2x/week


Training twice per week is a great introduction for beginners in the gym and those playing an in-season sport during the school year. Workouts are designed so each important athletic quality is worked on, and each muscle group and joint of the body is trained each session. Kids taking a weights class at school also benefit from our twice/week template.

Strength Training 3x/week


Training three times per week gives us a few options to decide from when creating a training program. Depending on the athlete’s current health status, and whether they’re in-season for their sport, this extra day of training each week allows us to work on additional movements and techniques that help our athletes gain speed, size, and movement competency. Speed training can be separated into different categories such as linear acceleration, deceleration and change of direction The same goes for the strength training portion of the workout that can be separated into full body, upper/lower, or push/pull splits.

Strength Training Unlimited


Training 4-5 times per week is the gold standard for any training program. There are a few ways to split up a four day program, and we are able to dose the neurological intensity on this program where some days provide high-threshold stress and other days are focused on recovery methods. Adding muscle is best done on a 4-5 day program.

We stress to kids that 7 days of training per week is a BAD idea. If you don’t receive the proper training stimulus from training 4-6 days per week, something in your program is off. When you work hard, recovery and rest is where the magic happens.

KCSC Off-Season Throwing Program


Nov thru Feb

Ages 13 and Up

The 2019-2020 off-season program includes 2 days/week (Mon and Wed) of throwing instruction with a team of THREE professional instructors. Each group will be capped at TEN kids. There will also be an optional Saturday time slot for those who are able to get in extra work, or if they miss a normal scheduled session.

The program brings together KCSC’s training staff and professional pitching instructors, including two current scouts. Their job is to pick apart and analyze mechanics using modern technology and wisdom-based coaching, then teach athletes to improve the action of their bodies for more efficiency and accuracy from their throwing motions. Pitchers, catchers, and position players are all welcome.

We are going out of the way to state that this is not a velocity-based program. There are several professional opinions and plenty of long-term clients in our facility that can give you an earful of why we don’t. We follow the same principles with every client, but we manage each client’s workload and intensity on a personal basis. Many kids who play a heavy fall schedule may not pick up a baseball the first month of the program.

Included in the cost of the program is an assessment prior to throwing activities that allows us to create a profile of each athlete. It will also help us decide which group each kid should be in. The program schedule is based on both age and development.

Time slots will be Monday and Wednesday at 330, 430, and 8pm. Saturday morning time slots are be at 9 and 1030.

KCSC 9-12U Throwing Program


Nov thru Feb

Ages 9-12

KCSC’s Youth Throwing Program involves one day/week throughout the winter, Mon-Thurs. Groups will be capped at TEN kids per hour.

Young athletes will have the opportunity to learn the foundations of throwing mechanics from a group of professional ball players and coaches and will learn more in this setting then they would from a 9-month season full of weekend competitions. They’ll also learn sport-specific footwork, position responsibilities, and situational approaches that will help build their baseball intelligence.

Time slots will be in the evenings, Monday - Thursday, at 6pm and 7pm.